Martin Center Staff & Advisory Board

FiftyForward Martin Center Staff:


Center Director


Joyce Keistler
Associate  Director

Sherry Coss


Volunteer and Office Manager



Casey Griffith


Williamson County Staff:

F.L.I.P. Coordinator

Kathy Banks

Living at Home Coordinator

Jane Bradley


Advisory Board:

Paige Thompson, Zeitlin & Realtors, Chair 2017-2019

Kayse Martin, Council on Aging, Co-Chair 2015-2017

Neil Amrhein, All about Care Solutions,  2016-2018

Carol Austin, Austin Funeral & Cremation Services, 2015-2017

Dan Brodbeck, Immed. Past Chair, Compass Partners, LLC, 2015-2017

Tyner Brooks, Brentwood Morning Pointe, 2015-2017

John Byers, Aon Hewitt, 2015-2017

Steve Goldstein, R J Young, Past Chair, 2015-2017

Skip Heibert, Heibert + Ball Land Design, 2017-2019

William B Howell, 2017-2019

Derby Jones, Williamson Herald, Sourthern Exposure Magazine 2017-2020

Debbie Lambert, Benchmark Realty, 2016-2018

Raj Patnaik, The RHP Group, Merrill Lynch, 2017-2020

Christie Remaly,  BancorpSouth, 2015-2017

Ben Snyder, Martin Member, 2015-2017

Cindy Wilkins, Life-Links Geratric Care, 2017-2019

Past Advisory Board Chairs:

Besty Crossley (Ex Officio)

Cindy Natsch, Let's Get Moving (Ex Officio)

Linda Hirsch, Zeitlin & Co. (Ex Officio)